Duluth, Superior Scenic Photo Flights

Scenic Photo Flights

At Superior Flying Services, we provide aerial photo tours. A scenic photo tour is an exhilarating way to get a new perspective on the Duluth/Superior area and be able to take the memories home with you. You will not be disappointed with the spectacular view that the Lake Superior shoreline provides. You can be confident taking to the skies knowing that your airplane will be piloted by an FAA Commercial Pilot.


Duluth Scenic Photo Flights Duluth Aerial PhotographyDuluth Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Superior Flying Services can provide many different options for aerial photography. Whether you’re the photographer or you would like us to provide one, we’re your best option for all your aerial photo needs. We can also provide aerial photos for surveillance or security purposes for your land or cabin on a periodic basis. Have hunting land? Don’t rely on old satellite photos that can’t give close up pictures of land features. Get the aerial photos you want by taking the pictures yourself.

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30 minute flight for 2-3* = $99
45 minute flight for 2-3* = $150

*There are restrictions on weight. Call for more information