Flight School

Flight Training

Turn your dreams of flying into a reality with Superior Flying Services! At Superior Flying Services, we have FAA Certified Flight Instructors who can help you realize your dreams. Listed are a few of the many advantages of learning to fly with us.

  • We provide personalized flight instruction that will tailor the learning process to your needs
  • Training is scheduled around your availability and at a pace at which you are comfortable with. As with learning any new skill, the more frequently you train, the less you will need to relearn as you progress. We recommend you schedule a lesson at least once, preferably twice, per week.
  • Our instructors can provide all different types of instruction from private pilot and instrument to commercial. We also provide proficiency training in biennial flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks and refresher training for pilots who have flown in the past but need to brush up on their knowledge and primary flying skills again.


What better way to explore aviation than to take a Discovery Flight? On this flight you will get to take the controls of the airplane and experience first-hand what it’s like to fly! Our Discovery flight is $75 and includes pre and post-flight discussions and a starter logbook. The flight time you receive counts towards your pilot’s license! Call us today to schedule your Discovery flight at 715-394-6444.

Below are the basic requirements for the different types of pilot certificates and general cost:


General Requirements

  • At least 16 years old to solo and 17 to receive a license.
  • Able to read, speak and understand English
  • Pass a medical exam given by an Aviation Medical Examiner
  • Pass the FAA written exam that consists of 60 multiple choice questions, with a score of at least 70%

Flight Training Requirements

  • A minimum of 40 hours flight time that includes:
  • 20 hours of dual instruction
  • 8 hours of cross country (consisting of dual and solo)
  • 3 hours of dual night flying with at least 10 takeoffs and landings
  • Pass a practical flight test from an FAA examiner

Estimated Training Costs (Cessna 152)

Aircraft rental, 40 hours $3,400.00*
Dual flight and ground instruction (25 hrs) $875
Pilot training materials and supplies $175
FAA written & practical exam fees $400
Minimum total training cost $5,150
*Block rate (includes tax)


General Requirements

  • Private pilot certificate
  • Third class medical
  • Have at least 50 hours of PIC cross-country time at completion of training
  • Pass the FAA written instrument knowledge test with at least a 70%

Flight Training Requirements

  • Minimum of 40 hours instrument time (simulated or actual)
  • At least 15 hours dual instruction
  • 5 hours in the aircraft category
  • Pass a practical flight test given by an FAA examiner

Estimated Costs (Cessna 172)

Aircraft rental, 40 hours $4,009*
Dual flight and ground instruction (25 Hrs) $875
Pilot training materials $175
FAA Written & practical exam $400
Minimum total training cost $5,459
*Block rate (includes tax)

Superior Flying Services also offers advanced training such as commercial plot certificate and multi-engine rating. Please contact us for details.